The Great Pants Debate

Can we talk about yoga pants, please?

Once upon a time, I was a young, tall and skinny college student and I basically started the whole “let’s live in our sweatpants” trend. Seriously. I had a friend who could attest to that but he’s kind of dead now – okay, actually dead now – so you’ll just have to take his word for it. While all of the other 18-19 year olds were getting dolled up for class, I was like, nope! Sweats all day every day. I had two dressers in my bedroom and one had four or five of its six drawers filled with every pair of sweatpants that Abercrombie & Fitch carried – side note: this was when Abercrombie was cool. Like, really cool. And not only did I shop there, but my skinny college freshman self was “recruited” to work there. Le sigh. But I digress.

Aside from working at Abercrombie, I also waited tables (because my entire A&F paycheck went towards more sweatpants). And one day I had the pleasure of waiting on Clinton Kelly from “What Not to Wear” (who was actually a really sweet guy). We were chatting about the show and I told him about my sweatpants obsession. It didn’t go over well, and he gave me this little note…
Frown away Clinton Kelly. I wasn’t about to give them up.

But I did graduate to yoga pants somewhere in those years and here we are today, debating on whether or not they’re actually pants. And I totally say that they are because they’re amazing. And comfortable. And so versatile. I mean, you can do anything in yoga pants – and, to you know exactly who you are, yoga pants always provide easy access. You’re welcome! – and be comfy. And you can totally dress them up (I may or may have worn really nice, new yoga pants to work on more than one occasion).

***Side note, I’m actually typing this while watching the premiere of “Ride With Norman Reedus” and I bet he’d be WAY more comfy on that motorcycle if he were wearing a good pair of yoga pants. And, if you happen to stumble across this little blog Robert Kirkman, you can click the contact link above and I’ll be glad to send you my information so that you can put my name in the credits for Norman’s wardrobe.***

Now that I totally lost my train of thought – because that’s what picturing Daryl Dixon in yoga pants will do to anyone – back to yoga pants. My best friend, who actually has to wear professional -ish clothes, claims that yoga pants are simply not real pants. I disagree.

Prince George (aka my future son-in-law) met Obama while he was in his pjs and fancy bath robe. So if comfort is paramount for royalty, then that means yoga pants are, in fact, real pants. I wish I had screenshots of that Facebook post. We had that exact discussion and the internet trolls came out swinging about how we were either bashing Obama or commenting on a 2-year-old’s wardrobe. I’m still not sure how discussing whether or not its acceptable to wear pajamas while meeting a president is inappropriate but, like I said, internet trolls.

I think that’s really all the argument you need. So I’m going to go read my book in my favorite Lululemons. Ahhh, stay-at-home mom life. Happy Monday!



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