Oh Yeah…I started this blog

Sooooo….yeah. Now you get the whole “Fabulously Un-fabulous” thing, right? Fabulous idea for a blog, un-fabulous at actually following through with it. But, in my own defense, the past few months have been a total shit show. Kind of. For a while. I think. Anyway, moving on.

Speaking of moving, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal like, a week or two ago about grown kids moving back into their parents’ house. Apparently, it’s the thing to do these days. And I thought, LOSERS! Who the hell moves back in with their parents!? Then I realized, oh yeah. I did! Yup. That’s right. Me, the hubs and the kiddo have taken up residence in my parents’ house. Ouch.

Peace out Florida! And for the record, this is not an advertisement for Atlas. Atlas moving company sucked.

During the two years we spent living in the swamp Florida, we kept a running list of reasons why we needed to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible. I think we made it into the 40s. Bugs, lizards, razor blade grass, killer ants, and the meth lab that was busted just off of our exit were all pretty near the top of that list.  I needed to come back. So when my husband put his feelers out for jobs in the northeast, we didn’t realize just how quickly he’d get scooped up. It went like this: phone interview, flew up for an in-person interview, job offer, move, start new job. And it all happened in less than a month. We had, I think, just over two weeks to pack up and move. Luckily, our lease was up and all we had to give our grubby landlord was 15 days notice – and that’s exactly what he got – and my mother-in-law flew down for a week to help us pack. This woman is an expert when it comes to packing up a house.

Hubs signing his official offer letter

Thanks to Facebook and its “swip swap” groups I sold off most of our furniture and random household items. It still amazes me at the crap people will buy – used breast pump anyone? Everything else went out to the curb and we got to watch the trash pickers come and go through our garbage. (Garbage pickers were also high up on our “Why we need to get the fu#@ out of Florida” list). And now the rest of our stuff is sitting in two storage units that cost us almost $300 a month. I try not to think about that.

So moving back home is obviously not ideal because we are a young(ish) family and we’re used to having our own space. Luckily, my parents’ house has a pretty good setup. The master bedroom is downstairs, so we have the entire upstairs to ourselves. And our room is big enough for us to have our own living area with a couch and tv apart from our bed. It’s also only 20 minutes away from my husband’s office, less than 2 hours from New York, and we are saving a shit ton of money. Our goal is to have a house of our own at least lined up by this time next year. Or, if we can take it, stay a few extra months and pay off my stupid student loans. But let’s take it one month at a time. We’ve been here almost 5 months now and I’m not sure how much more “you have the refrigerator door open too wide” comments I can take. Seriously Mom, is that even an actual thing!?

At the end of the day, we owe my parents a huge debt of gratitude. Because living rent free is pretty awesome. Plus my mom and I alternate cooking dinner which is also awesome. And, tonight’s my night so I have to go and figure that out now. Suggestions welcome!


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