My Stitch Fix Experience

I’ll start by saying that I wasn’t paid or asked to review Stitch Fix because I’m not an actual, established, blogger. Yet. I’m a stay-at-home mom who gets bored and wants to try my hand at blogging.

It’s no secret that I can’t dress myself. But, I figured that I might as well start actually trying, and I signed up for Stitch Fix back in October. My first fix was coming  just in time for family pictures (which turned out to be a disaster but that’s neither here nor there). I was super excited! And then I got my box.

Now, I had no intentions of ever writing anything about Stitch Fix so I have no pictures, no receipts, no nothing. I do, however, have a really good memory. So, I had written a note to my stylist telling her about family pictures, and then an upcoming date night in the city that I would love to dress nicely for. I explained that in our pictures, my daughter would be wearing a navy blue and dark green Christmas dress from Janie and Jack (swoon). She put together a fix that included $80 or $90 black skinny jeans, a black studded top (that I could have made myself using a few sheets of black tissue paper and those round, gold stickers that they give you at the Hallmark stores), a dark green tunic that may or may not have been a maternity top, a navy blue elephant scarf, and an oatmeal colored, hooded cardigan. I was mildly disappointed as I packed up everything but the cardigan and scarf to be sent back. And, for the record, I really did love the two items I kept. I still wear the scarf all the time. Now fast forward to the second time I wore the cardigan. By the end of the second wear, the sleeves had lost their shape completely, and there were pulls all over it. And I hadn’t even washed it yet. It’s pretty much unwearable.

My second fix was an even bigger disappointment. A different stylist had put together a box of clothes that was basically the same box I’d received the month prior. Except this time, the jeans were green (just, nope), the tissue paper top was navy/green plaid, there was another top that didn’t even kind of fit, and a gray sweater with two sad lace elbow patches. I kept that one just so I didn’t lose my $20 styling fee. After one wear, it was covered in pills. I completed the review of my fix and sent a polite but clear message to the next stylist that they needed to do better. Maybe actually look at my Pinterest board that they suggested I make and add to my profile?

After that second fix, I emailed the company about my concerns with their overall quality. I explained about the shapelessness and the pilling of the two sweaters I had purchased. I wasn’t really expecting them to do anything about it other than apologize and assure me that their clothes aren’t crap, but they actually refunded the full price of both sweaters AND the styling fee from my second fix since I had only kept one item. I thought that was really awesome of them, and I didn’t cancel.

My third fix (and third designer) was a hit! I loved everything in it including a top that I would have NEVER tried on in a store and my best friend told me she’d pay me NOT to wear. I kept all five pieces and requested that this stylist also do my next fix. But then it all goes back to the quality of their clothes. One of the tops (which was only slightly thicker than tissue paper) probably won’t last through a couple of washes, and the sweater already has pulls all over it. I haven’t complained about them (although I probably should) because I can still wear them at this point.

This is what you see when you open your box

My fourth (and as of ten minutes ago, final) fix came today and even though it was put together by the same stylist, it was a total disaster. I’m obsessed with scarves and was excited to see that one was in my fix. I was less excited at the color and pattern, but figured hey! Step out of the comfort zone and try it! It’ll go with things! And then I found that it’s already falling apart.

I love how neatly they fold everything

Then I saw this lace front top and thought, LOVE! Until I tried it on and could see right through the front of it. I mean, it could be worse but no one needs to see how high I jack up my yoga pants in an effort to hold everything in.

Seriously. I could see perfectly through this top.
Just yikes.

The stylist said that this plaid shirt has pops of pink – I don’t see pink. I see red. Which is fine, but this top (like the last plaid shirt they sent me) was paper thin and too small on the top.

It’s super thin

This black “cardigan” is the one piece I’m keeping (again, just so I don’t lose $20) but it’s far from a cardigan. A cardigan is a sweater, right? This isn’t a sweater. It’s a shirt. And it’s super thin so it’s pretty useless in New England until the end of March. If I’m lucky. I wouldn’t expect any of these tops to make it through the washing machine.

I’m not even stretching the fabric here. Just holding it up. 

And I got the black skinny jeans again. Those are comfy, and they seem like they’ll actually hold up well, but I can find something similar and cheaper at Banana Republic.

And in case you’re wondering what all of this costs, here’s my invoice. I’ll get $20 off of the “cardigan” that I’m keeping so it’s costing me $28 instead of $48. Had they sent me a scarf that I loved, then I’d only be spending $8. I just really didn’t want that red bird scarf.

That’s a lot for flimsy shirts in my opinion.

And here’s where they get you – if you love something in your fix but don’t want to spend what they’re charging, you can’t even get it somewhere else because most (if not all) of what they send you is made exclusively for Stitch Fix.
I’m super disappointed in Stitch Fix, and I can’t say that I’d recommend it to anyone. Unless you have lots of discretionary income to blow through and don’t mind paying $48-68 for a shirt that you can wear once or twice. If that’s the case, then go for it because it is exciting when you get a box of surprise goodies!

If you’ve tried Stitch Fix and had an awesome experience then please let me know if it’s worth giving them a second chance!


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